This Chocolate Cake Recipe Is So Good, It Needs No Frosting

The Four Percent


Let me speak plainly: 2020 is not the year for buttercream.

I see you, Swiss meringue buttercream with your ostentatious, sweet swooshes and swirls. (Show off.) No, a smattering of edible flowers, sea salt or sprinkles doesn’t tempt me.

What I need right now is simplicity and comfort. I need an uncomplicated slice of delicious homemade cake, in its purest form: still warm from the oven.

Who has the patience to wait for cakes to cool? Or the bandwidth for an offset spatula? Culinary fatigue is real. Covid-era cakes need to be busted out with minimal fuss. I’m talking two bowls and a whisk, and having that cake in my mouth and yours in less than an hour.

Lockdown has liberated me from all the snickety baking rules, and I’m sure as hell not icing a cake. I’m living on the edge and loving cutting all corners. I’m baking like Bill Murray when he lost his will to live in the film “Groundhog Day.” You know why? I’m on day 187. I’m still in my pajamas. I’m Zoomed out and tired of parenting.

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