Shaquille O’Neal Turns Back Clock, Destroys Rim In Game Vs. Rob Gronkowski

The Four Percent

Shaquille O’Neal can still inspire fear in a opponent ― even if the opponent is a basketball hoop.

In a HORSE game for charity against Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski on Saturday, the former NBA great dunked the ball and the rim. The latter crashed to the floor.

“Game over!” a woman on the set can be heard exclaiming.

O’Neal flexed his biceps for the camera.

“Are you not entertained?” O’Neal asked, perhaps referencing Russell Crowe’s famous words as Maximus in “Gladiator.”

“I’m back!” he added.

The Hall of Famer also reminded viewers that finesse was never his game.

“I’m not a shooter, I’m a dunker, baby,” he explained.

Here’s a not-so-gentle reminder: 

O’Neal, playing for the Boys & Girls Club of America, and Gronkowski, playing for the NAACP, also competed against each other in jousting, hot wing eating and other challenges, CBS Sports reported.

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