‘Seinfeld’ Producer George Shapiro Looks Like Anthony Fauci And Conan Has Fun With It

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Conan O’Brien may have found the perfect man to play Dr. Anthony Fauci in an imagined movie about the infectious disease expert ― and it’s not Brad Pitt (sorry, Dr. Fauci). But it is someone in show business. See the video below.

In a comedy bit Tuesday, O’Brien was interviewing a man whom he thought was White House coronavirus task force member Fauci. Then the truth emerged.

“I’m not really Dr. Fauci,” the impersonator said. “I’m George Shapiro. I’m the executive producer of ‘Seinfeld’ and Jerry Seinfeld’s manager.

“I think you’re a little confused,” Shapiro added, “but it’s a pleasure to be here.”

Undaunted, a playfully embarrassed O’Brien urged Shapiro to keep up the ruse. 

“This is so sad,” Shapiro shot back. “Please stop.”

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