Jimmy Kimmel: Donald Trump Finally Accepts Science

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Jimmy Kimmel noticed one area where Donald Trump finally embraced the science about COVID-19: when it came to saving his own skin. (See the monologue below.)

Even before his release from the hospital, Trump resumed downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus as he continues to recover from it. He theatrically stripped off his mask while still contagious after returning to the White House. He told Americans not to be afraid of the virus, even though experts and statistics (210,000-plus dead) tell us otherwise. And, the talk show host noted Tuesday, Trump said he now understood the virus ― this after months of defying infectious disease experts while touting unproven and dangerous treatments.

But one development conveniently changed his attitude.

“Did you notice when it was his life in danger, he didn’t consult that crazy doctor he retweeted who said COVID came from demon sperm,” Kimmel said. “He didn’t pop hydroxychloroquine or inject bleach or bring Diamond and Silk in to sass the virus away. No, he relied on science to save him. Let’s not forget that. When the man wanted to save his own life, he went straight to science. He had 10 doctors pumping his body with every drug available and we paid for it.

“I’d say he got his $750 worth of tax money, right?”

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