James Corden Has A Problem With Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist

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Former President Barack Obama released his summer music playlist on Monday.

And “The Late Late Show” host James Corden has a problem with it.

“I don’t believe this is his playlist. Yeah, yeah, I said it,” Corden said Tuesday as he explained why he questioned some of the former president’s choices.

“I believe Sheryl Crow, I believe Childish Gambino. I just don’t believe that Barack Obama is driving round listening to” the remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” which features Beyoncé, said Corden.

“He’s 59 years old,” he continued. “If you had an uncle who picked you up from the airport and you got in and he was listening to that and knew all the words, you’d be like ‘Uncle Roger, this is really weird.’”

“I think this is just Barack Obama just thinking ‘aw, this is cool’ and this is what he should do,” Corden added. “And I get it. If I got asked to do a Spotify playlist, I wouldn’t give them my actual playlist. I’m not going to give them Act One of ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’” 

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