“Dave” Review: This new comedy series showcases the humorous yet real life of rapper Lil Dicky

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Dave, starring Dave Burd, is a comedy on FX showcasing the life of a Jewish rapper calling himself “Lil Dicky.” The series was recommended to me by a close friend recently and I have continued to hear great things from other people watching it ever since. 

The first season has just come to an end with close to 5 million viewers since its pilot episode aired on March 4.

The majority of the content is based on Burd’s real life experiences, all of which bring great substance to the show along with the serious social topics it tackles as well. The different aspects and genres this series includes makes it even more intriguing and one-of-a-kind. 

In an interview with Nick Cannon, Burd mentions this stating, “I think the best version of the show is the version that really straddles everything.” When Cannon asks if Burd plans on leaning more towards over-the-top comedy or talking about serious issues, the conclusion is made that bringing humor together with more controversial topics is what people love so much about the show.  

One of the other main characters in the series is Dave’s hypeman Gata, whose story is extremely personal and emotional. Throughout episode five, there is a look back at Gata’s past struggles with bipolar disorder, which he later confesses to Dave, his manager Mike, and his producer Elz. 

Gata took to Instagram to tell fans that this is something he really struggles with in real life, gaining him tons of respect and praise for the empowering and brave discussion that needs to be talked about more often. This shows that celebrities are real people with real-life struggles and no one is alone in what they are going through.

Apart from the storylines, the characters are all unique and unlike any other television characters today. Each person has their own interesting story and background, making their friendships even better and making the show more versatile. 

There are also a handful of huge celebrity appearances on Dave including Justin Bieber, Trippie Redd, Kourtney Kardashian, and many more. 

These special guests were super exciting to see and helped with showing viewers a look at what the rise to stardom can look like for those in the music industry. There are tons of ups and downs and most things will probably not go how you want them to, but the experiences can truly be once in a lifetime. 

My favorite part about this show is that it is raw and unique, showcasing authenticity and not backing away from difficult subject matter. 

Dave was super successful in its newness and has been renewed for a second season that viewers are highly anticipating. If you are an adult who loves comedy with a touch of drama, you should definitely check this series out. 

The amazing show has created an exquisite fanbase unlike any other who are all super excited for more to come from Dave Burd and his friends. 

I would rate this show a 4 out of 5 Swoops.

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