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What do cleaning and comedy have in common?

For Ahwatukee resident Anders Berg, it’s being a clean comedian in the cleaning business. 

Berg supplies cleaning products through his business Swede Clean while doing clean stand-up comedy.

The cleaning business came first. 

Born in Sweden, Berg moved to Ahwatukee in 1988 and has worked in the professional cleaning industry since 1969 in many countries.  

He started Swede Clean in 1990, offering general cleaning services before turning it into a carpet cleaning business. Microfiber cloths is what sets the company apart from much of its competition.

Microfiber is a fine synthetic fiber used to make apparel, upholstery, industrial filters and cleaning products,” he said: Just add water. 

“You can clean without using chemicals,” said Berg, adding he was introduced to microfiber products in 2000 and has become a product “very close to my heart.”  

 Berg went from supplying cleaning products to doing clean comedy. 

“In 2005, a friend of mine said, ‘Hey, I want to do standup comedy. Can you come and support me?’” Berg said. “Before I knew it, we started a monthly event at the Grace Inn Hotel. Did that until 2009.”

After leaving the former Grace Inn, Berg performed at many venues throughout the valley. 

In 2013 or 2014, he ran out of places so he stopped doing comedy until July 2019 where he picked it up at the Ahwatukee Country Club and soon after at the Tuk Urban Kafe at Generations Ahwatukee. 

Things changed on both the cleaning and comedy front with the coronavirus. 

“Everything was just handy dandy and then we got this virus and things are not handy dandy anymore,” said Berg. 

So, Berg went from operating a cleaning service and doing carpet cleaning to just selling his products online where customers can do it themselves.

“I sold my equipment and said goodbye to secure work,” he said. “I’m just involved in selling the product on the website.” 

As far as comedy, Berg hopes to return to the Tuk Urban Cafe soon and “bring laughter back to Ahwatukee.” As he puts it, “Cleaning matters, laughter matters.” 

Meantime, Berg posts jokes each week on his Facebook page under Anders Berg. Info on his cleaning products at Swedeclean.com

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